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​Lower your expenses with Trust Environmental Services Inc.

Our unique approach and business model is built on our ability to reduce your solid waste cost by implementing comprehensive waste diversion and cost reduction strategies. We are unique in that our fees are generated from the net savings and cost reductions. When we implement and manage the approved recommendations, we share as a percentage in the success and the results of the benchmarked and documented results. We don’t get paid unless we save you money!

ALIGNED STRATEGIES – One of the goals at Trust Environmental Services is to make sure the strategies and programs we recommend align with your company’s sustainability and financial goals. We also make sure we are doing all the heavy lifting and you keep working on the core activities that drive your business.


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REVIEW YOUR CURRENT OPERATIONS – We dig in to understand the items that make up your waste stream by conducting a thorough waste audit. We gather logistical data that relates to schedules, and volumes of each product. We also gather data allowing us to benchmark current cost, tonnage, and other key data to allow us to perform a cost benefit analysis. Benchmarking is also used to compare similar properties, historical and seasonal trends, and generates the monthly reports we provide to our clients. 

RECOMMENDATIONS – Recommendations and strategies for waste diversion and cost reduction are specific and unique to each business location, service market, waste stream, and recycling / manufacturing / logistics market infrastructure. Recommendation may include right sizing or optimization of containers, pick up frequency, and sizes, vendor contracts and pricing negotiation, collection site re-engineering, equipment and container options, brokering valuable commodities, and other key levers we deploy in delivering cost effective and sustainable solutions. Included is an in-depth comparison of the bench marked and projected savings along with statistics detailing environmental impact of the program. Also included in the recommendation is an implantation, transition, training and plan phasing schedules. 

TOTAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF APPROVED PROGRAM – We manage every aspect of your waste and recycling services for the length of our consulting agreement. Continuous Improvement and Kaizen based principals and culture drive and accelerate savings and sustainability goals. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver performance driven results that will be recognized by your employees, and customers for protecting the environment. 

  • Compactor and baler services

  • Medical Waste

  • Recycling 

  • Valet Services for multi-family

  • Roll-off container

  • Temporary construction

  • Equipment purchasing, rental, and leasing

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